BLUblox X HauteCoton

We've partnered up with our good friends at BLUblox to bring you the ultimate experience for optimal sleep! Now offering Sleep+ evening glasses, Lumi lightbulbs and the worlds greatest sleep mask! Sleep+ is our signature blue and green light blocking lens, eliminating 100% of blue and green light between 400nm to 550nm. This is the exact range that has been shown in clinical trials to disrupt melatonin and negatively impact our sleep. Sleep+ are the best blue light blocking glasses available for optimising sleep, recovery and balancing hormones. Sleep+ is to be worn 2-3 hours before bed for optimal results after just one evening’s use. Sleep+ is also a key tool in managing jet lag and is used by the world’s most optimal athletes and wellness professionals for improved sleep, focus and recovery. Our Sleep+ collection is available in non-prescription, prescription and reading magnification options.