Luxury Wellness Candles


Non-toxic, luxury wellness candles are here! Our new line of 100% ethically sourced beeswax were made keeping the health of you and our planet in mind. Our homes are our sanctuary. Completely healthy to burn, beeswax neutralizes odours in your home by releasing negative ions. HauteCoton candles use wooden wicks instead of conventional cotton wicks and are not coated with any chemicals. You will receive longer burn times, as beeswax is a dense wax.  Once your candle has completely burned down, be sure to reuse your jar as a planter or keepsake box tin.


We do not use any essential oils or synthetic fragrances as burning these, can become toxic in the air that we breathe. Beeswax naturally releases a sweet aroma, creating a cozy atmosphere. All candles come decorated beautifully with organic rose and lavender botanicals. Burn any time of the day for a moment to slow down. Create your own ritual, morning, noon or night with a beautiful mantra on the inside to remind you of your light.

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