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Morning Ritual


Your mornings are sacred. Start your day grounded, centered and in your heart, ready to take on the day. At HauteCoton we’re all about slowing down and living with intent. Our everyday habits and routines help us to breathe a little deeper and find peace and happiness in the smallest of things. What better way to start your day aligned, focused, in joy and with clarity? 

Arise to your perfect day! Swap out your morning cup of coffee for this loose leaf organic gold assam tea made with healing calendula and rose botanicals. Calendula has been known for centuries for its soothing properties while roses are a natural anti-inflammatory with many healing benefits, full of natural oils and Vitamin C, which hydrate and replenish your body from the inside out. This black tea steeps a rich golden infusion with malty and smooth flavour notes - the ultimate wake-me-up cup. This energetic tea blend contains caffeine.

Close your eyes and get ready to embody, love, balance and start your day off grounded with your Sacred Morning spray. This delicate blend is made with the King of essential oils - calming frankincense will uplift your spirits, while bergamot inspires and motivates with its citrus notes. Ylang Ylang promotes a positive environment and Hawaiian Sandalwood will encourage personal interaction and create a grounding aroma - the perfect way to invite in self love and compassion as you continue your morning ritual. All blended in healing rose water to help rejuvenate, stimulate and harmonize. Spray daily and multiple times throughout your day for a moment to uplift or to slow down and be present. Aromatic description - Sweet, woody, warm, citrus, floral. Lovingly hand-blended in small batches.

As you sit and sip on your Arise tea and have sprayed your Sacred Morning mist, The Daily Joy Journal integrates the Joy Method from Jillian Schecher - Joy + Mindfulness Coach whose mission is to empower others to ignite their inner Joy Warrior and deliberately design a life they love. We are so happy to exclusively partner with Jillian for our Morning Ritual, using the The Daily Joy Journal, and integrating it with The Joy Method, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,  Law of Attraction and mindfulness techniques with thoughtful writing prompts and questions for self reflection to support you in living joyfully. These proven methods and structures will help you feel supported and sturdy as you align with your Joy daily. All you need is 5 minutes a day and although we love to use our journal in the morning to help set our intentions, this journal can be used any time of day!

Get started with your Morning Ritual now and expand the possibilities of your day!

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