Top 5 Benefits Of Organic Bedding

Organic Bedding

Did you know that your body does the crucial damage repair which significantly impacts your physical and mental makeup during sleep? What if we told you that sleep hygiene goes far beyond the time, ritual and place of your sleep? That it also includes what you choose to sleep on, i.e. your bed linen. Yes, your covers and sheets could make a massive difference to your ageing process, mental and physical health and wait for it, the general wellbeing of the planet! You heard us right. Intrigued? Good, read on to find out how?

The importance of sleep cannot be over-emphasized. Research shows that poor sleep quality impacts brain function and our longevity. One of the most significant aspects of quality sleep is what you choose to sleep under; let’s get this straight, not all bedding was created equal. There is bedding, and then there is organic bedding made ethically and responsibly. Some of the benefits of using organic bedding are as follows - 

1) Helps in Keeping the Skin and Hair Healthy - Standard bedding, despite its claims of wrinkle-free, stain-resistant, can be laced with toxic, carcinogenic dyes, heavy metal ions and chlorine-based bleaches. Not only can these irritate the skin, but they can also cause long-term damage to your health. However, there's no such health hazard attached with certified organic bedding. They keep the nasty toxins out of your sheets and covers, ensuring safety and wellbeing. So, whether you have sensitive skin or looking to improve your skin and hair's general health, switching to organic bedding will help you immensely.

2) Helps Keep the Respiratory System Healthy - People with asthma or breathing difficulties seem to notice the difference when switched to non-toxic sheets and covers. It's no mystery that toxins or the chemical soup generally present in non-organic bedding take a toll on your breathing and lung capacity. If you like the idea of an air purifier and are concerned about the air you breathe, then pay attention to your bedsheets, as it might just be a breeding ground for toxins impacting the health of your lungs. Using organic bedding can save you a lot of toxins and keep your lungs in good shape. 

3) They are Naturally Hypoallergic - Adults and children suffering from skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, hives, dermatitis, eczema or rosacea experience worsening skin conditions due to the synthetic fibres or the chemicals used in the dye present in non-organic bedding. Research suggests that toxins used in non-organic sheets are also linked to skin cancer. Investing in organic cotton sheets and duvets ensures that aggravations of these autoimmune conditions are under control. Even dermatologists realize the importance of bedding in managing skin allergies. On the upside, organic bedding is extra soft that leaves you feeling sumptuous and luxurious. What's not to like? 

4) It Stays Comfortable All Year Round - Eco-friendly, organic bedding tends to regulate temperature naturally. It is making sure that you don't have to spend sweaty nights tossing and turning under covers. Organic cotton sheets are breathable and cool during summertime but equally effective in keeping you warm and toasty during winter. So, a complete win-win for those duvet kickers in the middle of the night. 

5) It Saves Water - If you are still doubtful regarding the merits of organic bedding, then hear this. It goes a long way in helping conserve water. According to research,  non-organic sheets can use up to 20 percent more water when compared to organic bedding. Switching to organic bedding could mean serious water savings. 


Going the organic way means giving up on toxic sheets and covers. It also means ensuring good health, quality sleep and radiant skin and hair. It's about time that organic bedding stopped being a fancy or a posh choice. In fact, it's an ethical and safe choice for you, your family and our planet. 

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