3 Things To Keep In Mind When You Choose Bedding For Kids

Bedding For Kids

When it comes to providing for your bundle of joy, there's no doubt you want to do the best that you can! Most parents want to ensure their kids not only have all they need but are safe and well-protected from all possible harm. So, whether it's the clothes they wear, the toys they use, or the beds they sleep on, it all must fulfill essential health and safety criteria. We know how particular you are when it comes to your kids despite your hectic schedules and juggling various hats in a day. To make your life easy, here's a list that can offer you help when you are starting to pick out your kid's bedding. Irrespective of whether you are looking for crib sheets, toddler duvets or your child's first adult bed, here's what you should keep in mind while you shop.

1) The Size of the Bedding

The right size is imperative for comfort and economic reasons. The size of the bed needs to keep your child's age and the growing years in mind so that you're not forced to keep buying new bedding frequently. Once you've nailed that decision, you can proceed to the rest of the bedding. Of course, if your heart still says a crib baby, then you can straight away jump to the next suggestion we have for all parents.

2) Stay Away from the Toxins

There's a reason why this should be the most critical criteria while you pick out bedding for your child. Going organic for your child is nothing short of giving them the gift of health they deserve. Buying organic bedding for your child ensures that you do not compromise their health and safety. Get ready for some unpopular facts. Regular sheets and duvets appeal to people because of their bright colours, pattern and price points. The bad news is that they are also heavily laden with chemicals, toxins, pesticides and artificial fertilizers. The time we end up spending in bed sleeping or relaxing should be as safe as possible. But imagine as kids when the immune system is still not as robust—the thought of your bundle of joy in that cot or bed with harmful toxins! The pesticides and other harmful toxins do not just wash away irrespective of how many times you have put them through the cycle. And that's why it makes such a huge difference what your child is sleeping on.

3) Buying Only GOTS Organic Bedding

First things first, buying organic bedding is not a hoax or posh. Secondly, organic bedding does not have to burn deep holes in your pockets. But it has to be said that going organic means that you support ethical and sustainable production and that's a good thing. Always check for the Global Organic Textile Standard certification that's considered the gold standard for organic bedding. That's when you know the whole supply chain is taken are of from farmers to textile workers and our beautiful planet. The manufacturing procedure for these products does not allow toxins. For instance, formaldehyde is regularly used in conventional bedding to keep it wrinkle-free and stain-resistant. Formaldehyde is a known skin irritant, but what's more, it keeps other toxins glued to the sheets despite several wash cycles. When you buy certified organic bedding, you ensure no harmful ingredients hide in your child's bedding. But that's not all. They're easy to clean and cost-effective in the long run because of their superior durability when compared to conventional bedding—making it the perfect choice in all regards.

Buying GOTS-certified bedding has a host of advantages for your child's health. But that's not all. The statistics of farmers being poisoned from growing non-organic cotton are staggering. It is believed that up to 77 million farmers are poisoned each year. Buying GOTS bedding guarantees the farmers safe and hygienic conditions, fair wages and appropriate hours without abusing their human rights. Finally, buying organic means, you're also doing your bit for our environment, saving water and therefore saving our planet.

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