Why Should You Sleep on Organic Pillows?

Organic Pillows

The secret to a well-functioning body and mind is not merely limited to nutrition or regular cardio and weight sessions in the gym. One more aspect plays a massive role in determining how you feel, perform, and look - and that's your sleep hygiene. Your sleep quality doesn't merely depend on how many hours you clock in the bed. It also has to do with what kind of fabric and bedding you choose for sleeping. And that's why we're here to tell you all about organic pillows and how switching to organic can make a big difference in so many areas.

Hypoallergenic and Healthy for Your Lungs

Sleeping is serious business. You're in bed for at least 6-8 hours per night, and if you have the luxury of an afternoon siesta, then chances are you're spending more time in bed. All the more vital that the pillow you sleep on should be free from all sorts of allergens. Well! If that's not enough, then here's the first and foremost reason you should switch to organic pillows. The chances of your non-organic pillows being covered in toxic chemicals are higher because, unlike organic pillows, the manufacture protocols do not pay attention to what goes into them and how they're made. The material used in regular bedding is notorious for clinging to harmful toxins. It isn't easy to wash all of it away and get rid of them completely. So, when you're in bed looking forward to a restful snooze, the probability of you and your loved ones inhaling and coming in contact with these toxins is much higher than you can comprehend. Imagine the hours you're in bed and now imagine the impact of these dangerous toxins on your lungs and overall breathing. Want to breathe better and feel healthier? Get yourself a pair of organic pillows and pillowcases and see the difference in less than a week!

Healthy and Supple Skin

If you're still humming and hawing, whether to go organic? Let us tell you another reason that will make you ditch your regular pillows. Sleeping on organic pillows and pillowcases can help you get the skin of your dreams. We're not telling you that all it takes for you to have great skin is organic bedding. But it will work well with other great habits like eating healthy, drinking plenty of clean water and regular physical activity - all of which contribute towards that supple and healthy skin.

Regular bedding uses Azo dyes that are known carcinogens with the use of heavy metal ions, formaldehyde and bleaches that are chlorine-based. The fact that most of these non-organic pillows claim to be stain-resistant should give you a clear indication that they're full of formaldehyde. Also known as a potent skin irritant that allows other nasty toxins to remain in the material your bedding is made of. Now let's look at the organic label, especially those certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The GOTS Certification is considered to be the gold standards in bedding and textiles. It's the best available in the industry and market. It also means you can be a hundred percent confident about the strict measures it follows in keeping anything harmful out of your bed. So next time you want to address those fine lines and are tempted to try out the new expensive anti-aging serum, pause and think about the surface you continue to sleep on and whether changing your skincare or your pillow will have a significant impact on your skin. You know the answer to that already!

Better for Your Neck and the Planet

Haven't we all paid the price of sleeping on pillows that have let our neck and shoulders down? It's backbreaking and painful at the same time. But you can say goodbye to your aching woos with organic plush pillows. These pillows are made with superior quality materials to provide proper support for your entire back and neck while making it a luxurious experience. The restless nights of tossing and turning are over. Your new organic pillow will have you feeling like you just dove into a cloud for your next deep slumber. The best part is you get to choose what's best for you for size and firmness.

But wait! There's more. How about doing something noble for our planet as you get your next shut-eye? Investing in organic bedding products also reduces your carbon footprint, saves water, and overall is environmentally friendly. What's not to like?

Now that you're aware of the multiple benefits of organic bedding, our advice would be to start with the pillows, and we guarantee you won't be stopping there.

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