3 Things To Know About Organic Cotton Sheets

Organic Cotton Sheets

If you thought the fuss over organic cotton sheets was for nothing. Think again because there's a world of a difference between regular sheets and organic sheets. And it goes well beyond its aesthetic appeal or 'to-die-for' softness. The very process of how organic sheets are made will tell you why they should be your first choice for your health and family's comfort, as well as our planet's health! Read on to know more.

1Process of preserving purity: Organic cotton is handpicked as opposed to being picked by machines. And this is the first step towards ensuring the purity of its fibres. While the regular cotton picking process aims to manufacture large quantities of sheets, it overlooks the measures that end up damaging cotton fibres. In contrast, organic sheets particularly pay attention to the preservation of cotton fibres. This handpicked cotton ensures that its fibres are neither broken nor damaged. The long fibres used in making organic sheets give them their ever so luxurious and sumptuous softness while making them more durable than their counterparts. This means more longevity for you and less waste for our planet.

2. Fruitful framing: The process of farming regular cotton starts with genetically modified seeds. These GMO seeds are meant to be bug resistant, and to achieve this; there goes a large number of pesticides in the cotton seeds. Additionally, the regular cotton farming procedure uses the same soil repeatedly. As a result, soil quality suffers and keeps degrading, giving way to unhealthy crops that lack essential nutrients. These crops also require water in large quantities and therefore add to water wastage. As the seed grows and starts to produce the flower and boll and branch, it's heavily sprayed again with toxic chemicals and pesticides. This is continuously happening through the growth phase. These harmful chemicals are then passed on to the farmer.

In contrast, organic cotton is produced from natural seeds without any pesticides or harmful chemicals. Organic cotton farming uses insects to kill bugs, therefore, keeping the seeds healthy naturally. This keeps your sheets soft but, more importantly, safe for the skin. Finally, the soil used for organic cotton farming is rotated periodically. This helps the seeds retain more water and nutrients, resulting in healthy crops. Moreover, these healthy crops require less irrigation, so they prove to be a far more ethical choice for the plant and water conservation drive. Intuitively we know when something is better for our planet, it's simply better for us. Organic cotton is a much safer choice for farmer's, textile workers and ultimately you as an end consumer.

3. Methods of manufacturing: Regular cotton has a presence of chemicals in large quantities as required in its processing. Furthermore, the manufacturing of regular cotton also uses chlorine, chemical dyes and heavy metals that, despite repeated wash, leave a residue in the finished product. These are known to cause skin flareups if you have allergy-prone skin or are simply sensitive to harsh ingredients. Autoimmune conditions like psoriasis, eczema and other chronic skin issues can be irritated by regular cotton sheets. Whereas organic cotton sheets manufacturing take particular care to use alternatives that are not only safer but healthier for the skin of your entire family (read children and crib sheets), These sheets use dyes that are water-based. And that's why your organic cotton sheets are going to be far softer and free of any toxins, making them hypoallergenic.

Now that you truly understand the difference between regular/conventional cotton and organic cotton, there should be no reason to hem and haw. If you're still undecided, ask yourself a simple question. Would you let your loved ones lie on a surface that is essentially rich in nutrients and therefore soft and healthy for their skin and health? Or, would you want to lie on a bed of pesticides and chlorine? We leave that choice up to you entirely.

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