Top 2 Reasons Why Crib Sheets Matter

Crib Sheets

As parents, people always want to go that extra mile to give their bundle of joy the best that their money can buy. And it starts with doing up the nursery or putting a crib together. The high street or the online world is brimming with cute baby stuff, which can often make things confusing or simply tricky to choose. Irresistible as the baby market may be, it's crucial to remember that their safety and protection come first while choosing for your newborn or for your baby that's a few months old.

So, let's dive into the million-dollar question - What's the fuss about crib sheets? Well! Before we get into why they matter, it's customary to understand what purpose they serve. So, what are crib sheets?

A crib sheet is what goes on top of the baby's mattress. It's the first and most essential layer of defence against a host of things. It's a fitted sheet like adult bedsheets, only much smaller in size. And now the reason why they matter? Babies, as we know, need all the protection they can get from their environment. It's not enough to keep them indoors or use sanitizing products around them. Their crib needs to be the safest place as babies will be spending the majority of time in it, sleeping! On average most newborn babies sleep for almost 18 hours a day. It means that the sheets they sleep on make all the difference in their world. This means for their skin, their respiratory health and overall well-being.

Crib Sheets Matter Because:

It's the topmost layer of your baby's bedding; hence the quality of these sheets must be superior. But more importantly, they're the only piece of bedding that is in continuous contact with your baby's skin for hours as it is your baby's sleep surface. In fact, new studies claim that in order to create a safe sleep environment for newborn babies, one should avoid any blankets or flat sheets, keeping only the mattress and a fitted crib sheet. So, you can imagine how critical these sheets are for your tiny humans.

The quality of crib sheets equally matters, if not more. There is no shortage of different colours, patterns, and textures or materials of these sheets. So, how do you pick the right one for your infant? Merely, going for what feels soft will not do. In fact, it needs to be made of natural fibres instead of synthetic fibres like polyester, rayon or nylon, as all of these go through chemical processes highly harmful to the skin. Natural fibres consist of wool, silk and organic cotton. The best crib sheets will always be 100% natural and organic. Our organic cotton crib sheets are free of toxins, carcinogenic dyes, chlorine-based bleaches and heavy metal ions. And if you are incredibly particular about the surface on which your baby sleeps, then here's a lesser-known tip. Always choose white or natural coloured crib sheets as dermatologists swear that these are made with minimal use of dyes. (P.S. you can use the same rule when buying grown-up bedsheets too)!

    There is no doubt regarding the relevance of crib sheets. Remember the most safest and best choice has the least amount of colours/dyes and is 100% organic. Also, don't forget to buy at least a couple of crib sheets so that you always have a clean one handy in your rotation.

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